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Childcare in the Netherlands

23 januari 2020

in the Netherlands

There is a great oppertunity for you waiting in the Netherlands.
Not only a new job is waiting for you, a new house, a new citty or village, a totally and exciting new life with your family.

The Netherlands and their people are probably a totally diffrent communicaty then what your formiliar with. We totally understand that and that is why we want you to feel as comfortable as possible. We believe that every Nationality got there own rituals and habbits. That is what make all of us so special.

But even when we are all diffrent, we want the same thing for our children.
Only the best from the best.
So feel free to talk to our teachers and explain why you do, what you and feel free to ask why we do what we do. Because we can learn so much from each other.

Are you not shure what to expect, when your expacting in the Netherlands, that is why we invite Intercultural expert Elif Durgel. She will tell you what you could expact at the daycare in the Netherlands. For all kind of questions about food, structures, taxes, etc.

Elif is going to take you on a tour to the Dutch Childcare.

  • Why they do what they do and specillay how they do it.
  • She is going to expose the diffirences between your culture and the dutch culture.
  • With the goal to enhanche the understanding between these two worlds.
  • She want to build bridges and it will make your life easier!

This Live-event is available for all (almost) parents who take an interest in the Dutch Childcare. We are very happy if you bring extra guests – just let us know by registering

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Understanding the Dutch Childcare

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Who are we?

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