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Reading is really good

Do your child (and yourself) a favor

It is really important for your child to read together. Research says that children do better at school when they are read to every day. And it makes sense…everytime you read to your child she will encounter new words, it enhances their vocabulary. So help your child by reading to them every day.

Childcare Het Witte Wiel reads for your child...enjoy

The benefits of reading to your child

  • it stimulates their empathy
  • it enhances the love for books
  • it works soothing
  • it strengthens the band with your child
  • your child will do better at school
  • it contributes to their self-confidence
  • it enhances their concentration
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We are committed to helping you so you will feel supported as a parent, so you can stop feeling stressed. The process is simple:

  • Step 1 –  Meet the teacher
  • Step 2 – Choose the daycare subscription
  • Step 3 – Enjoy your peace of mind

Once you’ve booked a tour, you’ll have taken the first step to of becoming a proud parent.

We believe it should not be so hard to make the right decission and you deserve peace of mind. We help you make the right choice term so that you can become the proud parent you want to be.

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9 Tips for reading to your child

  1. Read very day for 15 minutes, take your time, put your phone away
  2. Make sure you use a variety of books and make sure your child hears lots of new words
  3. Do not avoid difficult words, explain them
  4. Work with the interests of your child
  5. Ask questions about words and about the story, really talk about it
  6. Make sure you read yourself, children copy their parents
  7. Use story several times, repetition will make it possible that children learn more words
  8. Ask your child to sum up the story
  9. Continue reading, even when your child is able to read for herself