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This is us...

We know what it feels like to have “decission-stress” and being afraid of making the wrong choice for your child.

If you’re like us, you’ve got to many choices. You’ve likely wondered if there was a help that can guide you. We know you want to become a proud parent, and it’s wrong that it’s so hard to make the right choice.

At Childcare Het Witte Wiel we understand this like no other. Over the past 10 years, we’ve helped hundreds, if not thousands, of parents make the best choice for their families. So that they can experience that their child has blossomed enormously in his young life.

The location Manager

My name is Anne Verhagen and proud location manager of Childcare Het Witte Wiel and our cool BSO. I have been working in our shelter with great pleasure since 2009. Started from Klokje Rond and since 2013 together with het Witte Wiel

In 2009 I started at BSO where I worked full time for years. In addition to working permanently at the BSO, I regularly filled in for the baby and toddler groups. After working for the group for a number of years, I started working in the office. Over time I started to do more and more other/extra tasks. Think of personnel matters, policy matters, facility matters, coaching. I like to be in contact with my colleagues, the parents and the children. In addition, the challenging tasks such as policy, personnel matters mean that I can honestly go to work every day!

Within Het Witte Wiel we try to be an extension of home. We consciously choose a homely atmosphere, pay attention to the development of your child and offer a safe and stimulating environment. In this safe and stimulating environment we build a relationship of trust with your child so that it gains self-confidence to develop. Our BSO locations are unique and a conscious choice not to locate them in schools. There are activities at every location so that there is always a suitable offer for the children.

I am proud of the fact that I am responsible for the location of Het Witte Wiel and the BSO. Proud that I can make every day a beautiful day together with my fantastic colleagues so that all children go home with a big smile!

Greetings and hopefully see you soon at het Witte Wiel, Anne

We are driven to help you, so that you as a parent feel supported, so that you can stop 'stressing' about making your choice.

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Enjoy the peace this gives you

When I walk, with Jesslyn in my arms, to the daycare centre. There’s is big smile on her face. As soon as I put her down, she starts climbing and exploring.

- Samira Wijbenga
Stability, Safety and Growth

All kinds of daycare

You just don’t random choose a daycare for your child. We’re talking about vibes
and feelings. A cast of mind.
Children, their parents and our nursery teachers feel comfortable at Witte Wiel.
Because of our homey atmosphere. And because of our homey atmosphere we
created a daring environment so exploration will be a fact. We understand the importance of feeling at home. It benefits every aspect of our
being. Our priority is a truly homey enviroment to stimulates  development and growth.

Stability & Safety – This is very important for children. So that’s why we provide two kinds of groups:

Baby’s (0-2 years)

In the babygroups we focus mainly on stability, safety and growth. We will help your child grow and develop at there own pace.

Toddlers (2-4 years)

These are the years when the children start to explore the world around them, they interact and react to everything and we love to enhanche their curiosity. We work a lot in certain themes to challenge them constantly to explore.

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Out Of School Care

Having Fun is key

We also provide Out of School Care (Daycare after school). And at our care it is impossible to be bored! Sports (judo, tennis, swimming, dance, etc.), games (soccer, theater, etc.) crafts… You name it, we got it! We even provide swimming lessons with certificates! Your child can explore all these activities while attending the OSC.

When you’re at home, it’s time to relax. So nu hurrying for sports or music lessons. We already took care of that.

We strongly believe in warm personal care and attention so that your child feels
safe and secure after school.

Come and check us out…
We look forward to meet you


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