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21 augustus 2023

Where are the dishwasher tablets in your house?

You can hear a watery, but above all splashing sound from the kitchen. Your child looks up laughing, ‘oh oowh I’ve been caught’!. She found the bottle of toilet chlorine and covered the ground and herself with that blue stuff. It’s everywhere!

Oh no, what should I do now?
Dishwasher tablets look like sweets for children, especially the gel type. But what’s in there? Believe me, all cleansers that you do not want to find in your child’s stomach.

The next thing we don’t immediately think about are the medicines, where are they in the house? In your bedside table, in the bathroom? Can your child reach this with her fingers? Medicines nowadays all have beautiful colors, and all kinds of sweeteners so that they do not taste so bad. Super nice of course, but this means that they also taste good when your child puts them in her mouth and sees these medicines as sweets.

Have you already stored all cleaning products high so that your child cannot reach them or are they still at the bottom of the cupboard? Then that is definitely the first thing you need to change a.s.a.p., so that the chance that this happens to you is immediately reduced.

We distinguish 3 types of poisonings

  • Corrosive products; Dishwasher and washing machine tablets, WC one, Battery acid and hydrochloric acid fall under this category.
  • Petrolium products; Fire spirits, Lamps oil and turpentine fall under this category. Fortunately, these all have a child-safe closure. But nail polish remover also falls under this category and it does not have a child-resistant cap. It is worth putting this bottle away high instead of at the bottom of the cabinet.
  • Other products; Such as Plants, Cigarettes and Pills.

What to do if it does happen?

Your first reaction would be, drink water, because then everything dilutes and it doesn’t bite my child’s stomach like that. But what really happens is that your child’s belly fills up and the child starts vomiting. Vomiting can cause even more damage, so don’t do this.

The burning/harmful liquid then goes through your child’s throat twice. With some products you are not even allowed to add water. That is why we recommend that you always call 112. Make sure you know what your child has swallowed and make sure you follow the instructions of the control room. It may be that you still have to make your child vomit, but then you know for sure that it is okay.

Het Witte Wiel organizes annual Live events with the theme Children’s First Aid.
These themes are discussed to help every parent or near parent in our area prepare for when this accident does happen.

If you want to register for the next Live event Kinder EHBO, click on the link below and we look forward to seeing you on this educational evening.

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