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Understanding the Dutch Childcare

The topic of the next live-event is “Understanding the Dutch Childcare”…

As a childcare we have noticed that a lot of not-native clients have lots of questions regarding the childcare and lots of topics related to childcare in Holland. For example food, structures, taxes, etc.

We found an intercultural expert – Elif Durgel – who is a client at our After School Care – and together we put this live-event together. This live-event will take place on Tuesday february 11th between 7.30 PM and 10 PM.

Elif studied cross-cultural psychology at Tilburg University and she worked as an academician at various universities. Her research area is parenting and child development across cultures. She is running her own company at

Elif is going to take you on a tour tot he Dutch Childcare. Why they do what they do and specillay how they do it. She is going to expose the diffirences between your culture and the dutch culture. With the goal to enhanche the understanding between these two worlds. It will make your life easier!

Everybody and anybody who is curiuous about this topic is more then welcome at this event.

Understanding Dutch Childcare

The Facts

Date:                    Tuesday february 11th 2020


  • 7.30 PM  You are welcome, the doors will open
  • 8.00 PM We will start
  • 10.00 PM The end

Questions:          Via 040-2027580 or

Costs:                   It is FREE

Location:             Childcare Het Witte Wiel, Provinciale weg 4 te Veldhoven

See you february 11th